We are delighted to offer our Tennis Restringing service. Using our brand new state of the art

Electronic Gamma Stringing machine your tennis racquet is in good hands with us.


At Hot Hits Tennis, we take a very professional approach to stringing your racquet. Every racquet we string or restring is done through a four knot stringing system (except those racquets which specify a one piece stringing system) - this minimises the chance of the racquet breaking and is in fact many racquet manufactureres preferred method.

We also inspect every racquet very carefully for cracked or broken grommets as bad grommet will deteoriate your strings very quickly. We can then replace these if necessary.

Care is taken to ensure that the way a racquet is strung minimises tension loss over time. We also use the latest technology the ERT 300 Tennis Computer which is precision electronic device made in Switzerland that assesses how much elasticity is left in the string & calculates the Dynamic Tension (DT). We record the DT when your tennis racquets are strung so a comparison  can be made to assess whether the racquet has lost too much tension and needs restringing. This device is used by pros araound the world!!!

      STRING TENSION       Tighter = more control, less power            Looser = more power, less control


So how do you decide?? - You should ideally string your racquet as loose as what you can possibly control - that would be the most ideal string set up,

                                                 since it becomes the perfect balance between control and power. 


WHAT STRING - There are so many choices out there but at Hot Hits Tennis we take care of this and make it as simple as possible. Synthetic Gut is used  

                               by the majority of players around the world and offers the best value for money. Synthetic Gut can be broken down into the following:

                        * POLY  -  This is for players who want durabilty, control and spin. It maintains better tension and provides a crisper feel.

                        * MULTIFILIMANTS - This is for players who want power and comfort and rarely break strings. It offers increased feel and

                                                                          touch and plays similar to natural gut but without the price tag.


WHAT IS HYBRID STRINGING - This is were 2 different types of strings are used in the racquet. This allows you to take advantage of the combined benefits of each string to create a winning combination for each player. Hybrids are used by some of the best players in the world.

PRICINGOur stringing service starts as low as $20 which is Labour Only when you supply your own string and goes through to $45.00 depending on the type of string you require.



Although, we take every precaution to minimise racquet breakage during restringing, we encourage our clients to stay within the recommended tension set by the racquets manufacturer – stringing outside the recommended tension will void the warranty on your racquet!