Ball skills are an essential part of children's development. They help to address bilateral skills, hand-eye coordination, timing, sequencing, gross and fine motor skills and attention. Tennis specifically assists in general body co-ordination, aerobic fitness and dynamic balance.

kids at netThroughout this unique program children will be taught correct tennis technique along with sportsmanship and social skills while building confidence and best of all having fun.

Modified equipment including mini nets, lighter racquets and low compression balls, which bounce lower making it fun and easy for children to learn will be used throughout each lesson.

Get involved in this fabulous program now.

Tracey Green is an accredited Sporting Schools Coach endorsed through Tennis Australia.


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What our Clinets have to say -

*   Currently Hot Hits Tennis is providing valuale input into the Lithgow Links Learning Program, delivering tennis skills and physical fitness, team building, social skills and enhancement of self-perception to marginalised young people - OCTEC Limited

*  Our students really enjoyed their One Day Clinic with Tracey. The students enjoyed the small group structure as it meant they could get individual help. The specific skills of tennis were presented in a fun format and students enjoyed learning how to hit volleys, backhands, forehands and how to serve. Their favourite games was infinity tennis, which was a great way to finish off the day - Sofala Public School

*  Hot Hits Tennis is a great fun and interactive way of delivering introductory tennis lessons to students. There is a clear projected timeline, which includes all the fundamental skills invloved in tennis. Inclusive of all abilities and levels. Friendly instructions/instructor with plenty of enjoyable activities also. Will book again - M.E.T School - Mount Victoria Campus